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Zu Beginn hnelte die Seifenoper eher einer Telenovela und war stark auf die Liebesgeschichte der Figuren Diana Sommer und Julian Herzog konzentriert.

Misfits Episodenguide

Die fünf straffälligen Jugendlichen Nathan, Kelly, Alisha, Simon und Curtis werden zu gemeinnütziger Arbeit verdonnert. Beim ersten gemeinsamen Treffen​. Diese Episodenliste enthält alle Episoden der britischen Fernsehserie Misfits in der Reihenfolge ihrer Erstausstrahlung. Zwischen 20entstanden in​. Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1 · Staffel 2 · Staffel.

Misfits: Episodenliste, Sendetermine und Stream

Episodenguide der britischen Serie Misfits mit der Übersicht alle Staffeln und Episoden. Die fünf straffälligen Jugendlichen Nathan, Kelly, Alisha, Simon und Curtis werden zu gemeinnütziger Arbeit verdonnert. Beim ersten gemeinsamen Treffen​. schalten · Datenschutz · Newsletter · Blog. Social Media und Feeds. RSS · Atom. nach oben; Hauptseite · Stichwortsuche · Serien; Episodenguide zu "Misfits​".

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All The Romance - Misfits - Series 3

Misfits Episodenguide

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Artikel verbessern Neuen Artikel anlegen Autorenportal Hilfe Letzte Änderungen Kontakt Spenden. Von der britischen Serie Misfits wurden 37 Episoden produziert.

Die britische Fernsehserie kommt auf insgesamt fünf Staffeln. Die Serie wurde nach 37 Episoden eingestellt. Serienjunkies jetzt als Favorit hinzufügen Serienjunkies als Suchmaschine.

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Misfits Episodenguide. Alle Staffeln der Serie Misfits. November Deutschlandstart der. Staffel Misfits: This episode is audio described Very strong language, graphic violence and scenes of a sexual nature This episode is subtitled 46 mins.

This episode is audio described Graphic violence from the start, very strong language, drug use and scenes of a sexual nature This episode is subtitled 47 mins.

This episode is audio described Violence, very strong language and scenes of a sexual nature This episode is subtitled 45 mins. This episode is audio described Strong language, violence and scenes of a sexual nature from the start This episode is subtitled 45 mins.

He gives it to Curtis in exchange for his sex-change power, after Curtis accidentally impregnates himself.

Curtis uses his power to resurrect Seth's ex-girlfriend, Shannon, who died of a drug overdose that Seth feels responsible for.

Seth breaks up with Kelly and returns to Shannon but quickly realises that anyone resurrected has an all-encompassing desire for blood, essentially rendering them a zombie.

Seth and the gang manage to defeat Shannon and the others infected by the power, resulting in Seth and Kelly restarting their relationship, eventually deciding to travel in order to escape the mayhem of the community centre.

A medium uses his power to inadvertently bring the spirits of Tony, Sally and Rachel back to haunt the gang, with the spirits unable to move on due to having unfinished business.

Sally and Tony move on to the afterlife after they reconcile, and Rachel tries to fit in with the culture that she despised by swearing, drinking, trying drugs and having sex, but is unsuccessful.

She comes to the realisation that she is back for revenge, slicing Alisha's throat with a Stanley knife and moving on. After Alisha's death, Seth helps Simon to go back in time, allowing Simon to help the gang in the past and resulting in Simon's eventual death in Alisha's arms.

Back in the present day, Rudy, Kelly and Curtis agree to keep their heads down and continue their community service. After Alisha's death and Simon's departure to the past, Kelly and Seth travel to Africa, where Kelly uses her knowledge of mechanical systems to defuse land mines, and end up staying.

Curtis and Rudy continue with community service joined by Finn, an anxious telekinetic, and Jess, a snarky, reserved girl with x-ray vision. Major subplots include Rudy and Finn moving into the community centre together, Finn's one-sided infatuation with Jess, Curtis's encounters with Lola, a mysterious woman who claims to be a trainee probation worker, Finn's search for his father, and Jess's relationship with Alex, "From the Bar", a mysterious bartender who spends most of his time looking for his penis, lost as a result of a mysterious power.

As a result of his encounters with Lola, Curtis ends up using his resurrection power again, leading to his own infection.

In order to stop his increasing thirst for blood, Curtis commits suicide, emotionally affecting Rudy as a result. After Curtis's suicide, the gang encounters Abbey, a girl who suffers from amnesia as a result of the storm who later joins the group on community service, and Nadine, a nun with a mysterious secret whom Rudy falls in love with.

Alex finds and retrieves his penis, but his regained sense of masculinity causes him to cheat on Jess, angering Finn. Nadine's power is eventually revealed to be the ability to inadvertently summon the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse when surrounded by anger or violence, which she does after witnessing Alex and Finn arguing over Jess.

The Horsemen attack the gang and stab Alex when he steps in to protect Jess. Nadine sacrifices herself in order to stop the Horsemen from wreaking more havoc, leaving Rudy heartbroken once more.

As a result of the Horsemen's attack, Alex is rushed to the hospital to receive an emergency lung transplant. As a result of his lung transplant, Alex inherits the power to remove others' powers through sexual intercourse.

After breaking and entering the community centre to save the group, he is placed on community service. A major arc of the series sees him coming to terms with his new power, as he learns to use it to help others and become less selfish.

Another story arc has Rudy's sensitive emotional duplicate, Rudy Too, joining a support group for those affected by the storm. The group's leader, Maggie, is an older woman with the ability to knit jumpers of the future; her jumpers include a depiction of what Rudy Too believes to be him and a group of powered individuals seemingly using their powers in an act of heroism.

Rudy Too becomes obsessed with the first jumper and encounters people whom he believes to be on the jumper, including Sam, a young man with the power to fly, Helen, a young woman with the ability to emit and control electricity, and Karen, a woman with the power to camouflage.

The gang run into Tim, a man from Series 2 who sees reality as if it is a video game, who is now struggling to keep his power under control.

Abbey begins a relationship with a man called Mark who is trapped inside a tortoise's body, and Rudy and Jess begin a relationship as well.

Rudy struggles to tell this to Finn who is trying to get over his crush on Jess. During the series the gang confronts a group of Satanic scouts, and Finn becomes possessed with the power to convert people to Satanism.

As he slowly converts each member of the gang Alex is forced to use his power and remove Finn's Satanic power. Over the course of the series Alex also takes away someone's power that causes accidents to always happen, the power to turn objects inside out, and the power to hypnotise men with the user's breasts.

Rudy discovers that his father is affected by a very similar power to his own, as he runs into a very violent duplicate of his father.

Abbey discovers that she is the manifestation of a girl named Laura's power to bring imaginary characters to life, thus explaining why she does not remember anything from before the Storm.

Rudy Too is the victim of a man who has the power to swap ages, forcing him to the very brink of death, and Finn finds a new love interest who can download her consciousness into other people's minds, trapping them in a virtual world within her computer.

Finn also becomes the victim of a young man who can steal the will to live from other people, just as Alex is the victim of a gypsy curse which makes him feel as if he is drowning whenever he refuses to help someone.

On the one year anniversary of the Storm, Rudy Too and Abbey hold a birthday party which unleashes chaos as people begin to realise that ecstasy reverses their powers.

All the powers that Alex has taken are placed into one girl, Sarah, while Jess is blinded, and Mark briefly becomes human again. With the powers of Satanic conversion, object inversion and hypnotic breasts, Sarah begins to wreak havoc on the party; killing Mark by turning him inside out and successfully converting all of the gang but Alex to Satanism.

With no options left, Alex is forced to kill Sarah by using her new-found power of being accident prone against her. Rudy Too and Helen, who have begun a relationship, are attacked by Tim, who can no longer control his power.

Karen saves the duo by stabbing Tim in the back and Rudy Too and all three of them bury him under the flyover before they, along with Sam, agree to become "proper" superheroes.

In the finale, Rudy and Jess are having difficulties in their relationship due to Rudy not being there for her when she needs him.

Jess ends up sleeping with a man she meets at the bar, Luke, who uses his power to throw them both forward in time by a year where Jess has had Luke's baby, Leo.

Jess demands to be returned to the present and when Luke refuses, escapes his flat to go and find the rest of the gang. In the year gone by, Finn has started working as a trainee probation worker, Alex is still working at the bar and Abbey has been holding a sign for a golf sale that doesn't actually exist.

When most of the gang are assembled in the bar and have overcome their shock at Jess's reappearance they all thought she was dead due to her disappearance , Rudy reappears, looking shabby due to his grooming regimen having gone out the window.

Rudy and Jess reconcile with each other and Rudy agrees to love her baby "as though he was [his] own". Meanwhile, Rudy Too's "Jumper Posse" have gone off the rails and begun to kill people.

After a failed attempt on Finn's life, the Misfits assemble to deal with the Rudy Too's delinquent gang. Rudy Two confronts Helen on her betrayal in the community centre but is knocked out by Karen.

As the rest of this Misfits gang approach, they are attacked by Sam. Alex grabs onto Sam and takes his power from him via sexual intercourse mid-flight, causing them both to fall.

Alex lands in a skip and survives the fall but Sam is less than fortunate, hitting the pavement with immense force. When the gang enter the community centre except for Jess, who stays outside with Leo , they are then attacked by Karen who uses her camouflage and a knife in tandem with each other.

As she is about to kill Alex, Finn uses his telekinesis to launch a piano at her in an unusual display of brilliance.

Gewitterfolgen Episode Sturm Der Liebe Vorschau 6 Wochen Xxl Vorschau 4. Das Spenderherz. Mein Tv Shop für "Meine Wunschliste" E-Mail-Adresse Passwort Log-In merken Log-In Neu registrieren Passwort vergessen. Eine andere Gruppe Jugendlicher hat sich nach dem Gewitter unter dem Namen "Virtue" Moral und Tugend verschrieben und unterzieht Alisha, Curtis Misfits. Home. Episodes. Series 1. play. Series 1 Episode 1. After the freak storm, Kelly starts hearing peoples' thoughts, Simon can turn invisible, Curtis can turn back time, and anyone who. Misfits is a British science fiction comedy-drama television show, on E4, about a group of young offenders sentenced to work in a community service program, where they obtain supernatural powers after a strange electrical storm. The show premiered on 12 November and concluded on 11 December in its fifth series. Episode 5 is the fifth episode of Series 2 and the eleventh episode of Misfits overall. The episode primarily focuses on Kelly Bailey and her new romantic relationship with the sweet and mysterious Bruno. 1 Plot 2 Cast 3 Powers 4 Continuity 5 Trivia Nathan accidentally walks in on a woman changing in the locker room, offending her in the process. Suddenly, the lights go out and Nathan is. Alex recovers from his operation and is followed home by Emma, a woman who tells him that his donor, Neil, had the power to rid people of their super-powers through having sex with him, and persuades him to rid her of her unwanted gift, the ability to cause accidents. Kelly and Simon are reluctant conscripts whilst Shaun, with Alisha, his unwilling girlfriend, is right hand man to odious Captain Smith. Seth, his ability to give and take super powers an asset to the Nazis, is imprisoned but Kelly and the other misfits spring him, leading to a shoot-out.

Ungehorsam Trailer Deutsch dieser Seite findet Misfits Episodenguide alle Neuigkeiten in kompakter Form. - Misfits auf DVD

Darunter " Supergirl ", " Marvel's Daredevil " und " The Flash ". Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1 · Staffel 2 · Staffel. Episodenführer Season 1 – Müll sammeln, Graffitis wegschrubben und Altkleider sortieren: Nathan, Kelly, Curtis, Alisha und Simon müssen gemeinsam . Episodenguide der britischen Serie Misfits mit der Übersicht alle Staffeln und Episoden. Diese Episodenliste enthält alle Episoden der britischen Fernsehserie Misfits in der Reihenfolge ihrer Erstausstrahlung. Zwischen 20entstanden in​. Fantastic Der Glückspilz Stream. All Titles TV Episodes Celebs Companies Keywords Advanced Search. The Misfits steal the money that Elliot has gathered from his followers so they can purchase Dilwale Full Movie Deutsch powers back, accidentally killing him while doing so. Nathan Young 15 episodes, Misfits is a British science fiction comedy-drama television show, on E4, about a group of young offenders sentenced to work in a community service program, where they obtain supernatural powers after a strange electrical show premiered on 12 November and concluded on 11 December in its fifth series. Antonia Thomas, Iwan Rheon, Lauren Socha, Nathan Stewart . Diese Episodenliste enthält alle Episoden der britischen Fernsehserie Misfits in der Reihenfolge ihrer bambeestudio.comen 20entstanden in fünf Staffeln 37 Episoden mit einer Länge von jeweils etwa 45 Minuten. Misfits – News „Soulmates“: Trailer zur neuen Anthologie- Serie mit Bill Skarsgård („Castle Rock“) Sci-Fi-Serie ab Oktober auf dem US-Sender AMC „Gap Year“: Schräge Reise- Dramedy läuft im FOX Channel Britische Serie ab November als Deutschlandpremiere.

Scott Pilgrim Ungehorsam Trailer Deutsch. - Misfits: Ausstrahlung im TV

Wodurch ist "Peaky Blinders"-Star Cillian Murphy noch bekannt? Confused and scared, she Misfits Episodenguide tell the rest of the Misfits. Kelly determines what is happening and convinces Finn's mother to contact Finn's real father, assuring her that he will want to pursue his fatherly duties as soon as he sees Finn. At the power support group, Rudy Two encourages Sam to stand up to his bullies, leading Sam to save Rudy Ungehorsam Trailer Deutsch by flying him away from a mugging. Chuck Norris Aktuelle Bilder, he makes Recherchearbeit fall in love with Simon. Series 3, Episode 2. Three months later, the Misfits give up their powers by selling them to Seth, a former drug dealer with the ability to transfer powers from one person to another. Retrieved 6 June When holy water fails to cure there is only one solution - Alex takes him from Inspector Morse Inspector Bunny Deutsch Between the Lines Cracker Cracker EastEnders Jonathan Creek The Cops The Cops Clocking Off Cold Feet Spooks Buried Shameless Doctor Who The Street The Street Wallander Misfits Sherlock The Fades Last Tango in Halifax Broadchurch Happy Valley Wolf Hall Happy Valley Peaky Blinders Killing Eve Meanwhile, Simon finally discovers from Alisha the truth about his and their future, and the gang finally complete their community service. Staffel 5.
Misfits Episodenguide


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