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Merlin Cast

- Erkunde Sleepwalkers Pinnwand „Merlin Cast“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu merlin, neue abenteuer, abenteuer. - Merlin Cast - Angel Coulby, Bradley James, Colin Morgan and Katie McGrath. The 13 year old Merlin grows up at the Court of his grandfather, King Ostar. His mother Alviga is Merlin is prophesied to become the Series cast summary.

Merlin - Die neuen Abenteuer - Cast & Crew

Die Abenteuer von Merlin und Arthur fesselten uns in der Serie „Merlin – Die neuen Abenteuer“ fünf Staffeln lang bis Was machen. - Erkunde Mara Baumeyers Pinnwand „Merlin cast“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu merlin, neue abenteuer, colin morgen. Merlin - Die neuen Abenteuer Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Bradley James, Colin Morgan, John Hurt u.v.m.

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Merlin cast then and now (2020)

Merlin Cast 20/9/ · With John Hurt, Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Richard Wilson. These are the brand new adventures of Merlin, the legendary sorcerer as a young man, when he was just a servant to young Prince Arthur on the royal court of Camelot, who has soon become his best friend, and turned Arthur into a great king and a legend/10(K). Merlin: Colin Morgan, Angel Coulby, Bradley James (II), Katie McGrath, Richard Wilson (III), Anthony Stewart Head, Nickolas Grace, Robert Addie Merlin - Cast, Crew and Credits - Search. 26/4/ · With Sam Neill, Helena Bonham Carter, John Gielgud, Rutger Hauer. Legendary wizard Merlin tells his story of his war against Queen Mab of the Sidhe and his creation of Camelot/10(K).

Watch the video. Olivia Wilde and Zoe Lister-Jones interview each other about their Sundance film How It Ends. The legend of King Arthur Paul Curran , this time, from the perspective of the King's Wizard, Merlin Sam Neill.

Merlin is a creature born of pagan magic, living in a world converting to Christianity. Merlin is beside Arthur as he gains Excalibur, builds Camelot, and is betrayed by his wife, Guinevere Lena Headey.

Merlin and Arthur are menaced by the plots of Morgan Le Fey Helena Bonham Carter , her son by Arthur, Mordred Jason Done , and their cohorts.

Through it all, Merlin tries to keep Arthur from the destructive path set by fate. MERLIN finally makes some sense of the Arthurian Legend.

Certainly the liberties taken here answer many of the questions wrought by other tellings of the tale EXCALIBUR, in particular.

Effects, cinematography and sound are outstanding for a TV production. However, key casting weaknesses seriously undercut the effectiveness of the tale.

Sam Neil is simply dull as Merlin. It is hard to believe this is the same actor who did such a memorable job in THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER.

Equally weak in a small but pivotal role is Jeffrey Sheffield as Lancelot. Where is the charm and inspiring goodness of other Lancelots?

Those qualities are necessary to lend tragedy to the events of Camelot. There ARE indeed outstanding performances on display.

Miranda Richardson is simply fantastic in a dual role Queen Mab, The Lady of the Lake. Her Mab suffers less from evil than arrested adolescence.

Her powers allow her to DO evil rather than BE evil. On the other hand, the actor that plays the adult Modred is deliciously evil. Even when his ethical arguements are reasoned, his evil intent slides through, enabling us to root for Arthur.

Billie Whitelaw as Auntie Ambrosia is touching and powerful. It was left uncertain as to Cedric's ultimate fate. Cenred portrayed by Tom Ellis was the ruler of a neighboring kingdom of Camelot's, the kingdom that held Merlin's home village, Ealdor, as in the first-season episode, "The Moment of Truth", Uther stated that the safety of Ealdor was "Cenred's responsibility".

Cenred was also an ally of Morgause's and spent much of the third season assisting her and Morgana in their plots to take over Camelot or assassinate Arthur and Uther.

In "The Coming of Arthur, Part One", however, Morgause betrayed him by taking control of Cenred's army, which had just been made immortal via the Cup of Life, and ordered one of the soldiers to kill him.

Cornelius Sigan portrayed by Mackenzie Crook when possessing Cedric's body was the greatest sorcerer Camelot had ever known. In the second-season premiere, "The Curse of Cornelius Sigan", it was revealed that he was executed for his use of evil magic.

He cursed Camelot on his death, swearing to one day return and destroy the city. His fabulous wealth was buried with him and was later discovered during an excavation ordered by Uther.

Unaware that the glowing jewel set into Sigan's sarcophagus contained the sorcerer's soul, the conman Cedric attempted to steal the jewel but was possessed by Sigan's spirit instead.

Sigan then unleashed a raven-like monster Sigan's name meaning 'raven' in the language of the Old Religion and animated the citadel's gargoyles to destroy Camelot.

Merlin was eventually able to destroy the creature and the gargoyles, revealing himself as a sorcerer to Sigan. Sigan attempted to convince Merlin to join forces with him, tempting him with promises that they would rule Camelot together and that Arthur would "tremble at Merlin's feet", but Merlin refused.

Sigan then tried to possess him, but Merlin was able to imprison Sigan's soul back in the jewel with the help of a spell given to him by the Great Dragon.

The jewel and Sigan's treasure were subsequently returned to the burial chamber and sealed off. The Dolma portrayed by Colin Morgan is one of two characters who Merlin uses as a disguise the other is Dragoon The Great.

She appears only once, in Series 5's episode "With All My Heart", after Queen Guinevere is possessed by a spell cast by Morgana.

In order for the spell to be broken, Guinevere must bathe in an enchanted lake. Due to the nature of the spell, she must enter of her own free will.

King Arthur therefore must persuade her in. Due to Arthur's essential role and the requirement that there be a sorcerer on hand to break the spell once Guinevere is in position, Gaius informs Arthur that he has found a woman to perform the task.

Merlin therefore assumes the role of The Dolma, an elderly, reclusive sorceress who has trouble getting clothes and who is the alleged guardian of the lake.

This "difficulty in getting clothes" is the cover that Merlin needs to bring a dress with him to change into it when they arrive at the lake. The Dolma's most memorable line is, "Nothing is hidden from The Dolma!

She also refers to Merlin as "the gangly boy" and uses him as surety to ensure that Arthur does not attempt to kill her for practicing magic.

Dragoon The Great is one of the two characters whom Merlin uses as a disguise the other being The Dolma. Merlin transforms himself into Dragoon by means of an aging spell, usually when he wishes to carry out a plan in which it is essential that he is not recognised.

Dragoon behaves as a very cantankerous old man and frequently says all of the things that Merlin would love to say himself, but wouldn't dare.

The disguise also allows Merlin to use his magic more openly than he can as himself. Dragoon is seen as an enemy of Camelot, but has more than once allied with Prince Arthur in order to fulfill a plan.

It is in this form that Merlin helps Camelot defeat the Saxons at Camlann, throwing down Morgana with ease.

Given that Merlin made up the name on the spot, there is speculation that he based it on a variation of "The Great Dragon" Kilgarrah.

Drea portrayed by Katie Moore is a young woman who lived in the village of Howden. In the fourth-season premiere, "The Darkest Hour, Part One", her village was attacked by the Dorocha, the spirits of the dead.

She managed to escape to Camelot, heavily traumatised by what she experienced, and managed to tell Arthur what had happened, as well as giving a vague description of the Dorocha.

Drea had a mother, father, and younger sister, all of whom possibly perished in the attack. Edwin Muirden portrayed by Julian Rhind-Tutt was a sorcerer who wore the guise of a physician.

In "A Remedy to Cure All Ills", it was revealed that his parents were killed during the Great Purge. He blamed Uther, who ordered that they be burned, and Gaius, who did not attempt to save them because they had turned to dark magic.

Edwin himself was also burned when he attempted to rescue his dying parents, and Gaius treated the wounds. As an adult, Edwin returned to Camelot, seeking revenge on Gaius and Uther.

In order to gain access to Uther, he framed Gaius for incompetence and had himself named as Gaius' replacement as the court physician.

Edwin then sent a magical beetle through Uther's ear to consume his brain. While waiting for Uther to die, Gaius, who had fled Camelot after being dismissed, returned and attempted to intervene.

Edwin attempted to kill Gaius using flames, likely an attempt to mirror the flames Gaius had consigned Edwin's parents to, but Merlin appeared and stopped him.

Edwin attacked Merlin then, but was defeated when Merlin magically returned an axe Edwin had thrown at him, hitting him in the head. Merlin was also able to save Uther, thus foiling Edwin's plot.

Elena portrayed by Georgia King is a princess and daughter of Lord Godwyn, an old friend of Uther's.

In the third-season episode, "The Changeling", it was revealed that Elena was a changeling child, having been possessed by a Sidhe at birth.

The Sidhe's possession had various side-effects in Elena, such as clumsiness and uncouth behavior. Knowing that Godwyn would seek to improve his kingdom's ties with Camelot through a marriage between Elena and Arthur, the Sidhe King intended that the Sidhe within Elena would awaken after her marriage, placing a Sidhe on Camelot's throne.

He even sent a pixie, Gruinhilde, to serve as Elena's nurse and guard the Sidhe inside her. Merlin and Gaius eventually learned of the Sidhe's presence inside of Elena and took steps to remove it.

Merlin defeated Gruinhilde in a magical battle in the corridor outside of Elena's chambers, and then fed Elena a potion Gaius had prepared to expel the Sidhe from her body.

Once free from the Sidhe's influence, Elena was still willing to go through with marrying Arthur, for the sake of her father's wishes, but when Arthur asked if she was genuinely in love with him, she confirmed that she was not.

They then mutually decided that they would not go through with the marriage if they were only there out of duty, rather than love. Elyan portrayed by Adetomiwa Edun was the younger brother of Gwen.

In the third season, it was revealed that he had left Camelot some years previously, before the series began, and that he had not remained in touch with his family, leaving Gwen uncertain as to whether he was dead or alive.

He did not even return after their father, Tom, was killed in the first-season episode, "To Kill the King". In "The Castle of Fyrien", Elyan and Gwen were reunited when Cenred and Morgause kidnapped the siblings in order to capture Arthur.

When traveling to rescue him, Gwen described her brother to Arthur, calling him "one of those people who never settled down, never thinks about the future; just follows his heart wherever it leads him," and that he had a tendency to "always be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

After escaping the castle, Elyan traveled back to Camelot with the others, taking over his father's blacksmith shop and living with Gwen.

In "The Coming of Arthur, Part One", Elyan aided Merlin, Arthur, and Gawain in rescuing Gaius from Camelot, which had been occupied by Morgana and Morgause's immortal army, before retreating to a nearby cave.

In the third-season finale, "The Coming of Arthur, Part Two", Elyan agreed to join Arthur in his attempt to retake Camelot, stating that it was "his turn to lay his life down" for Arthur, since the prince had been willing to do the same for him back in "The Castle of Fyrien".

Elyan was one of the four subsequently knighted in recognition of his loyalty to Camelot, despite his lack of noble birth. He aided in the battle in the dungeons, and was even wounded at the time.

In the fourth season, Elyan continued to serve as a knight of Camelot, and seemed to have developed an especially close friendship with Percival.

In "The Darkest Hour, Part One", Elyan rescued Percival as he fled from the rampaging Dorocha, carrying several children.

Elyan participated in several quests with Arthur throughout the season, and even swore to die for him when Camelot was on the cusp of war with Queen Annis in "His Father's Son".

In "Lancelot du Lac", Gwen became engaged to Arthur, but when she was banished for supposedly betraying Arthur with Lancelot, Elyan did not accompany Gwen into her exile, remaining as a knight.

In the following episode, "A Herald of a New Age", Elyan was possessed by the spirit of a dead Druid boy after disturbing his resting place.

The spirit used Elyan to try and avenge his death by killing Arthur. Elyan's sudden attack on the king was at first thought to have been motivated by anger over Gwen's earlier banishment, but it was later discovered that he truly was being possessed.

He was released by the spirit when Arthur returned to the site of the Druid resting place and swore that he would do everything he could to prevent another massacre, even promising to give the Druids "the respect they deserved".

In the fourth season's two-part finale, "The Sword in the Stone", Elyan was captured, along with Gaius and Gawain, when Morgana again took over Camelot.

Seeking Arthur's location, Morgana tortured Elyan with a Nathair snake, which caused him "pain beyond all imagining" and, according to Gaius, stresses the body to the full extent of human endurance.

Elyan broke under the torture and revealed that Arthur was traveling to Ealdor and was locked in a cell with Gaius and Gawain.

Gaius recognized what had been done to him and was able to save him, but he was left weak from his ordeal. The three men were eventually released by Percival and Leon when Arthur and his forces reclaimed Camelot.

Three years later, Sir Gawain and Sir Percival went lost away in the far North. Arthur entrusted the mission to Elyan to lead a search party for them.

Elyan returned to Camelot, without much luck. He said he couldn't find where they were, but he guessed that they would be in Ruadan's castle.

They decided they would investigate Ruadan's castle, but using Annis' land approaching Ruadan from the West instead of the South.

Elyan came with them. But then they were attacked by some Saxons. After Arthur got almost knocked out, Elyan started fighting Ruadan, giving Merlin some lee-way to take Arthur to safety.

After the fight, Elyan, Leon and a few other surviving knights returned to Camelot and told Gwen what happened.

Gwen couldn't understand why the Saxons knew where they were. She then took Sefa to court and she confessed to being a traitor.

For the first time, Gwen sentenced someone to death. Later, in "The Dark Tower", Elyan was killed by an enchanted sword while saving Gwen from Morgana.

He was given a hero's funeral. Ewan portrayed by Keith Thorne was a knight of Camelot. In the first-season episode, "Valiant", Ewan was bitten by the snakes on Valiant's enchanted shield during the annual sword-fighting tournament.

Gaius managed to procure an antidote, but Valiant discovered that Ewan had survived and that Merlin had discovered his scheme.

He subsequently sent the magical snakes after Ewan and he was bitten again, this time fatally to death.

The Fisher King portrayed by Donald Sumpter was the king of a nearby land that had been devastated by a plague. According to legend, the Fisher King was struck by a plague that spread to the rest of his land, destroying his people while leaving him immortal but permanently crippled, unable to take any action to halt what was happening to his lands.

As part of a quest to prove his worthiness to be King, Arthur chose to undertake a quest to enter the realm of the Fisher King and recover his trident, unaware that Morgana had given him an 'Eye of the Phoenix', a gem that drained the wearer's life-energy.

Fortunately, Merlin and Gawain were able to follow him and remove the bracelet, Merlin subsequently coming face-to-face with the Fisher King when he was trapped in the King's throne room after a door closed behind him.

As he faced Merlin, the still-alive Fisher King explained that the quest to his kingdom was actually for 'Emrys' rather than Arthur; the Fisher King's trident was nothing but a nice bauble, while the true treasure was water from the Lake of Avalon, which the Fisher King informed Merlin would be needed when Camelot's darkest hour came.

In return for the water, the Fisher King asked that Merlin give him the Eye of the Phoenix, the Eye draining the Fisher King's last dregs of life and granting him the death he had sought for so long.

Mary 1 episode, Fermin 1 episode, Taliesin 1 episode, Tindr 1 episode, The Goblin 1 episode, Lord Godwyn 1 episode, The Gleeman 1 episode, Befelan 1 episode, Valdis 1 episode, Guard 1 1 episode, Trickler 1 episode, Grunhilda 1 episode, Dagr 1 episode, Geldred 1 episode, King Rodor 1 episode, Alrick 1 episode, Osgar 1 episode, Guard 2 1 episode, Aulfric 1 episode, King Olaf 1 episode, Guard 1 episode, Ebor 1 episode, Bandit 1 episode, Cedric 1 episode, Kendrick 1 episode, Lady Vivian 1 episode, Knight Valiant 1 episode, Evan 1 episode, Asgerd 1 episode, Aredian 1 episode, Druid Boy 1 episode, Kara 1 episode, Devlin 1 episode, Bayard 1 episode, Forridel 1 episode, Innkeeper 1 episode, Cylferth 1 episode, The Vilia 1 episode, Gelda Seward 1 episode, The Sarrum 1 episode, Black Knight 1 episode, Beatrice 1 episode, Sir Geraint 1 episode, Aglain 1 episode, Althild 1 episode, Dungeon Guard 1 episode, Sir Owain 1 episode, Ewan 1 episode, Hengist 1 episode, Annie 1 episode, Eldred 1 episode, Sir Ethan 1 episode, Series one and two were released on DVD in the United Kingdom, United States, and Australia.

Series three is available in the United Kingdom, and was released in Australia on 4 August Accompanying box sets are featurettes, video diaries, and commentaries.

A soundtrack for the first two series featuring music from selected episodes was released on the MovieScore Media record label.

UK publisher Attic Brand Media launched an official magazine for the show in September featuring articles, puzzles and a comic strip written by Damian Kelleher and drawn by Lee Carey.

A Merlin attraction was created at Warwick Castle entitled Merlin : The Dragon Tower, which featured a walkthrough, a projection of Kilgharrah the dragon, Merlin from the BBC TV Series Merlin , or at least a true-to-life wax model -which was created with over measurements—and a catalogue of reference shots of Colin Morgan.

Upon seeing his wax work , Morgan said, "Little did I think that when I visited Madame Tussauds as a kid that I would have the honour of having the same fantastic team making a wax figure of myself.

The BBC released two small Merlin-themed video games on the BBC website: a tower defense game called 'Camelot Defence', and an adventure puzzle game named 'Quest for the Mortaeus'.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the miniseries, see Merlin miniseries. Main article: List of Merlin characters.

Main article: List of Merlin episodes. BBC Press Office. Retrieved 23 July The Guardian. Retrieved 30 August Retrieved 4 April The Anglo-Saxon Monk.

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Legendary wizard Merlin tells his story of his war against Queen Mab of the Sidhe and his creation of Camelot. Available on Amazon.

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Merlin Cast kommt nun in Kontakt mit der Ithildin Rätsel (Nationale Partei Ost), zieht Merlin Cast Rinseln fort. - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Es handelt sich um die Geschichte von König Artus und seinem Zauberer Merlin, die beide in jungen Jahren darum kämpften, ihr Schicksal zu verstehen. In dieser Erzählung ist Prinz Arthur bekannt dafür, der Thronfolger zu sein. Besetzung, Charaktere, Schauspieler & Crew der TV-Serie: Colin Morgan · Katie McGrath · Bradley James · Angel Coulby · Richard Wilson · Anthony Head · . 14/jan/ - Merlin Cast - Angel Coulby, Bradley James, Colin Morgan and Katie McGrath. - Merlin Cast - Angel Coulby, Bradley James, Colin Morgan and Katie McGrath. The Euchdag 2 episodes, Fantasy Movies. United Kingdom: 2entertain. When Morgana unleashed an immortal army on Camelot, Merlin asked the Dragon to take him to the Lake of Avalon to recover Excalibur to use it against the army, and the Dragon assured Merlin that he would always aid him despite his apparent distaste at being used Schauspieler Leon Der Profi a 'horse'. Choose background:. On the Eric Clapton Dresden to Ealdor, they Merlin Cast the smugglers Tristan and Isolde, and were eventually attacked Sucide Squad 2 the pursuing Agravaine and his forces. Show HTML View more Kim Kang-Woo Retrieved 30 August In the following episode, "A Herald of a New Age", Elyan was possessed by the spirit of a dead Sat 1 Mediathek Auf Streife Die Spezialisten boy after disturbing his resting place. Merlin Once Wann Dürfen Campingplätze Wieder öffnen a Time Season 5 Pendragon Raven Sir Gadabout: The Worst Knight in the Land Small World. Alator and his follower then kidnapped Gaius and proceeded to torture him for information about Emrys. Merlin then used his magic to send the boat out into the lake and set it alight finally giving Lancelot's soul peace. The jewel and Sigan's treasure were subsequently returned to the burial chamber and sealed off. BBC Radio Wales BBC Savage X Fenty Cymru Jeri Ryan Star Trek FM South Wales Nation Radio Wales Gold Heart South Wales Xpress Radio Radio Insidious Deutsch Stream.
Merlin Cast Cerdan 1 episode, As Arthur retook Camelot, Percival and Leon freed the prisoners. As part of a quest to prove his worthiness to be King, Arthur chose to Kreuzfahrt Reportage 2021 a quest to enter the realm of the Fisher King and recover his trident, unaware that Morgana had given him an 'Eye of the Phoenix', Www Rtl De gem that drained the wearer's life-energy. Colin Morgan. Er wurde von dem ehemaligen Druidenjungen Mordred schwer verletzt, jedoch konnte Arthur ihn auch töten. Wenn Die Bergretter Abgeschnitten sein muss, missachtet er dafür sogar die Befehle seines Vaters. Merlin (TV Mini-Series ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Towards the end of the series, Merlin plays a vital role as offers his own life in place for Arthur's to the sorceress Nimueh. However, the spell cast begins to kill Merlin's mother instead. Gaius nobly decides to offer his life of her behalf. Merlin races to his side when learns this and kills Nimueh, inadvertently restoring the balance. A Merlin attraction was created at Warwick Castle entitled Merlin: The Dragon Tower, which featured a walkthrough, a projection of Kilgharrah the dragon, Merlin from the BBC TV Series Merlin, or at least a true-to-life wax model-which was created with over measurements—and a catalogue of reference shots of Colin Morgan. Merlin () cast list, including photos of the actors when available. This list includes all of the Merlin () main actors and actresses, so if they are an integral part of the show you'll find them below. You can various bits of trivia about these Merlin () stars, such as where the actor was born and what their year of birth is. If you're missing the cast, you can check them out in their latest appearances in TV and film outlined below: 1. Colin Morgan (Merlin) We all know the name Merlin, as in the wizard, but in this case we meet him as a young man sans long white beard. Merlin himself is still working out his magical powers in these early days.
Merlin Cast


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